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Faculty of Engineering

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Fakultas Teknik Unibraw

Historical Timeline


October 23, 1963

The Faculty of Engineering, UB, was established under a Decree by the Minister of Higher Education


The first commencement from the Faculty of Engineering, UB, despite already being in its eighth year, because the lack of limitation on study period.

Vision and Mission


The vision of the Faculty of Engineering is to produce high quality bachelors in engineering who are professional and have strong belief in God and to produce meaningful science and technology for the nation and humanity.


Mission: To execute efficient, accountable, and sustainable organizational and educational administrations, and to perform the process of education that guarantees high quality output that are also relevant to the national and international need in bachelors of engineering.

Contact Address

Faculty of Engineering

Jalan Mayjen Haryono 167 Malang 65145
Phone: 0341 551430, Fax: 0341 551430

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