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The Postgraduate Program of Universitas Brawijaya (PPSUB) was primarily run in the form of Credit Collection Activity (KPK) with Universitas Gadjah Mada in 1982. Beginning from the Academic Year 1993/1994 the execution was conducted independently by Universitas Brawijaya.

In the Academic Year of 2004/2005 the number of students registered amounted to 1,550 students, from Public Universities, Private Universities, Governmental and Private Institutions from all parts of Indonesia up to the year 2004 PPSUB has released around 2,080 Masters with the period of study less than 2 years, 28.09%; 2 years, 24.33%; 2.5 years, 24.00%; 3 years, 10.16%, and more than 3 years, 13.42%, and released 79 Doctors from various fields of study.

The implementation of Master’s Degree and Doctor’s Degree educations is supported by qualified academic personnel and has a good reputation in the field of research and gets Competitive Grant Research funds from the National Research Assembly, International Integrated Prominent Research, and other competitive research programs.

Based on that experience and activities, PPSUB offers governmental and private institutions or individuals to cooperate in improving the quality of human resources through educations in highly qualified accredited Master’s Degree and Doctor’s Degree Programs.


The Postgraduate education of Universitas Brawijaya is an educational degree that aims at creating graduates that have strong ethics and high integrity with the qualifications:

Master’s Degree Program

Aiming at creating Masters who are able to:

  1. Develop and improve science, technology, and culture by mastering and comprehending various approaches, methods, methodologies, as well as the ability  
  2. Solve problems in research activities and the development based on scientific approaches.
  3. Develop their professional performance that is expressed in sharp analysis, wide-ranging study, integrated problem solving, and similar professions.

Doctor’s Degree Program

Aims at producing Doctors who are able to:

  1. Develop the concepts of science and technology in his field of expertise through researches and applications of the result of those researches contextually
  2. Manage, lead, and develop research programs that are relevant to the community needs.

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