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Faculty of Law

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Fakultas Hukum Unibraw



Historical Timeline


July 1, 1957

Known as The Higher Education of Law and Community Knowledge (PTHPM), founded by Yayasan Perguruan Tinggi Malang.

July 1, 1960

Became Municipal University of Malang following the acquisition by the Municipality of Malang


Became University of Brawijaya.

January 5, 1963

Became a public university following the issuance of a Minister of Higher Education and Science Decree No. 1 Year 1963. Consequently, the Faculty of Law and Community Knowledge became one of public faculties of law in East Java.


Following an accreditation and the issuance of the Decree of National Accreditation Board for Public Universities, the Faculty of Law, UB, became accredited with A qualification.



The Faculty of Law’s vision is to become an excellent higher education in law and to be categorized as one of the best in Indonesia, that produces high quality Bachelor of Law with national and international standard and who are virtuous and committed to the democracy, human rights, and regional development.


  1. To carry out the activity of teaching and training in law mastery that meets national as well as international standard by holding values of divinity, human rights and community culture;
  2. To conduct researches and development of jurisprudence, to develop theories and applied research;
  3. To conduct community service activities in law towards building people’s awareness and law enforcement in the community;
  4. To hold review on community and legal problems for the sake of the development in the sector of law, regional development, and jurisprudence development


Contact Address

Faculty of Law

Jalan Veteran Malang 65145
Phone: 0341 551611, 0341 575777 Ext. 201-202,

Direct : 0341 553898, Fax: 0341 556505

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