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Faculty of Administrative Sciences

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Historical Timeline

September 15, 1960

The Municipal University of Malang established Faculty of Trade Administration.

July 11, 1961

The Municipal University of Malang became Brawijaya University with four faculties, including the Fact. of Trade Administration.

September 30, 1962

The Faculty of Trade Administration changed its name into the Faculty of State Governance and Business Administration (FKK), adjusting to University Regulation No. 22 Year 1961.

Mahasiswa FIA Unibraw

Vision and Missions


The vision of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences is to be a high quality educational institution in administrative sciences and admitted by communities both at national and international levels.


The Missions of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences are:

  1. To improve the quality and quantity in each of the Three Basic Principles of university, teaching and learning, research and community service;
  2. To create the ethos of administrative sciences in the community and to strengthen the position of alumni in the job market;
  3. To increase effectiveness and efficiency in management and faculty management

August 15, 1963

FKK was established in Kediri as a branch of UB's FKK following the issuance of a Ministerial Decree No. 97 Year1963.


Following a Governmental Law No. 27 Year 1982 on Faculty Management in public institutes/universities and a Presidential decree No. 59 year 1982 on the organization structure of University of Brawijaya, FKK was transformed into the Faculty of Administrative Sciences with two departments that is, Public Administration and Business Administration

Contact Address

Facutly of Administrative Sciences

Jalan Mayjen Haryono 163 Malang 65145
Phone. (0341) 553737, 568914, 558226 Fax. (0341) 558227;

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