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Faculty of Economics

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Historical Timeline


June 27, 1957

Yayasan Perguruan Tinggi Ekonomi (YPTEM) founded The Economic Higher Education of Malang under the notarial instrument No. 26 dated August 15, 1957.

July 11, 1961

President Soekarno gave the name “Universitas Brawijaya” through a presidential wire No. 258/K/1961.

October 3, 1961

The Economic Higher Education of Malang fused itself into University of Brawijaya and became the Faculty of Economics.

January 5, 1963

Following a Decree of the Minister of Higher Education and Science, University of Brawijaya became one of public universities in Indonesia

Vision and Mission

The vision of Faculty of Economics is to become a center of excellence in higher education and to develop economics and other related disciplines based on moral and ethics.

Meanwhile, its mission is to produce alumni and scientific writings in economics that bear excellence in relevance and sophistication, characterized by moral and ethics, through the process of integrated and continuous education, research, and community service processes, so that they can compete at international level.

Contact Address

Faculty of Economics

Jalan Mayjen Haryono 165 Malang 65145
Phone: 0341 551611, 0341 575777 Ext. 203-204,

Direct: 0341 551396, Fax: 0341 553834

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