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UB's Racana Scout

Pramuka Racana BrawijayaUB's Racana Scout has dual function, as a student activity unit and a Campus Scout Formation under the University as well as Scout quarter. Therefore, it is under the guidance of University and Scout quarter.

Malang Scout Quarter which is based in UB was established after it was pioneered by a student named Prio Oetomo from the Faculty of Law that had been active previously in his high school scout formation. He proposed this idea to Prof. Ir. Imam Sutrisno who was the head of branch quarter in the Municipality of Malang at that moment, in addition to being the Dean of UB's Faculty of Animal Husbandry.


UB's Racana Scout's Activity

The Scout's activities cover annual routine activities, periodical routine activities and other activities planned during the working meeting of UB's Racana. The activities are decided in annual working meeting. Besides, there are also several incidentala activities.

Annual routine programs of UB's Racana:
1. Annual Conggress.
2. Working meeting.
3. Anniversary celebration.
4. Basic Scout Training.
5. Member routine training, covering scout technique trainings in outdoors activities, save and rescue, spirituality, leadership and science and technology forum.
6. Public service
7. Mountain and Jugle Expedition and Safari Camp

Periodical activities of UB's Racana:
1. South Beach Exploration Contest (LJPS) for East Java region.
2. Scout Achievement Contest (LOSIPRAM) for East Java region.

National or regional level programs for the last two years:

1. Young Instructure Course for Java, Bali and Sumatra region.
2. Search And Rescue (SAR) training for East Java region.
3. Scout Management Training and Development for East Java region.
4. National Student Community Service Camp.
5. National Campus Scout Workshop and Meeting.
6. Advanced Course for Basic and Intermediate Instructure.
7. Other scout-based activities.
9. East Java Agribusiness Training and Education and other activities,

  • Mountain and jungle expedition in Java and other islands.
  • Involvement in a training called LATSITARDA with officers in the Academy of Armed Forces and students of Academy of Domestic Affair Education.
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