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Vision, Missions and Goals


Becoming an outstanding world-class university and able to take active parts in the national development through education, research and community service.



To awaken moral power and consciousness of the creation of the universe by God and of the fact that each life is worth appreciating.


To implement the process of learning so that learners can become people with academic and/or professional skills and good personality

3. To develop and propagatescience, technology, arts and humanity, and attempting to improve people's standard of living and enrich the national culture.



To produce high quality people who believe in the One Supreme God, would push himself to learn all the time, have wide horizon, maintain discipline and work ethos, and are able to compete at international level.


To develop science, technology and arts, in order to support cultural development.

3. To have capacity in empowering the community through problem solving concept development with the application of scientific methods.
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