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Brawijaya Information Technology Services (BITS)

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Brief Profile
Brawijaya Information Technology Services (BITS) is special unit which is, in turn, given an special authority to stand independently and self-fund its operation. BITS operates in Information Technology researches, developments and applications.


BITS was especially established following the issuance of Rector's Decree No. 009/SK/2001 on February 6, 2001 as a consequence of UB's seriousness in the development of information technology.

BITS has been conducting researches and developments in information technology since 1997. And since 1998, BITS's staffs have won a special trust from the campus to be the partner of UB's Computer Center, which operates particularly in IT.

At the moment, BITS has maintained qualified human resources in the field and are experienced in developing IT during the last six years.

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Contact Address

Brawijaya Information Technology Services (UPPTI)
Office: Gedung Kantor Pusat Lama Lantai II
Jalan Veteran 65145
Phone: 0341 551611, 0341 575777 Pes. 134,
langsung: 0341 575878

List of Officers

Name Position Email
Raden Arief Setyawan, ST. MT.  Head  unpublished 
Ratno Wahyu W.  Manager of Computer & Network System  unpublished 
M. Chandra Saputra  Manager of Application and Information System  unpublished 
Vivi Yanuari Ningsih SAB  Manager of Administration & Public Relation  unpublished 
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