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Technical Executing Unit (UPT)


Reading Room in the Central Library of UB

The Technical Executing Unit for English Learning

This unit helps faculty members and students master foreign languages, especially English, and helps prospective students prepare his study abroad.

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The Technical Executing Unit for General Courses

This unit serves to provide general courses such as Education for the National Ideology, Education for Citizenship, and also provide Laboratories for Language, Social, and Humanity Sciences for all departments/faculties of University of Brawijaya .

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Brawijaya Information Technology Services (UPPTI)

This unit researches, develops, and applies Information Technology in University of Brawijaya.

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Central Library

This unit provides resources in the fields of education, research, and community service, and provides a collection of books and facilities assisted by information technology in the form of on line catalogue.

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Computer Center (Puskom)

This unit serves to carry out computerization in the fields of academic and general administrations, and provides services in the academic field and computer education and training.

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The Class Situation in UB's Language Laboratory

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