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About UB

Brief Profile

Founded in:



Jl. Veteran Malang, Jawa Timur,  Indonesia
85 KM southward from Surabaya

Campus Area:

1,039,750 square meters

The Arms of UB

Colors of the Arms:

Black and Gold

Academic Rector:

Prof. Dr. Ir. Yogi Sugito

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Contact us:

Telephone +62 0341-551611
Fax +62 0341-565420


University of Brawijaya

Jl. Veteran Malang 65145 Indonesia

School of Internet :: WIDE Project

University of Brawijaya is one member of Mitra Universitas which is involved in SOI (School on Internet)-Asia Project

Member of Redhat University Program

University of Brawijaya is one of the members of "Redhat University Program".

Number of Faculties


Number of Departments


Academic Education Programs
45 Undergraduate Degree Programs

20 Master's Degree Programs
7 Doctorate Degree Programs

Professional Education Programs
12 Medical Specialist-I Programs
1 One-Year (D-I) Program
14 Three-Year (D-III) Programs

Number of Students for the Academic Year 2007/2008
27,697 students, composed of:
1,978 students of One-year (D-I) Program
23,773 students of Undergraduate Degree
1,912 students of Graduate degree and Specialist program

New Students 6,810 students consisting of
341 students of One-year (D-I) Program
5,513 students of Undergraduate Degree
956 students of Graduate Degree

Number of Graduates of the academic year 2006/2007
Number of graduates 5,763 students consisting of:
•Non Degree (Diploma): 679
•Bachelor’s Degree: 4,314
•Master’s Degree: 609
•Spesialist-1 Program: 33
•Doctorate Degree: 128
Whole alumni up to the year 2007; 81,999

Number of Faculty Members
957 people, with educational qualification as follows:
Bachelor’s Degree (S-1): 116 people
Mater’s Degree (S-2) : 549 people
Doctor’s Degree (S-3): 264 people

UB's Central Library's Books
124,442 titles
460,190 copies





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