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The Arms of UB


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The Shape of the Arms :

- It is pentagonal
- The basic color is black
- There is a picture inside the pentagon
- The outline of the pentagon is golden
- The picture inside the arms is golden yellow

Inside the pentagon is the statue of Raden Wijaya or King Brawijaya as the incarnation of god Visnu who has four arms holding the Crown Candra Kepala, the symbol of Shiva. His hands are holding lantern, canka or siput, bludgeon and cakra. On both sides of the statue there are a pair of god Perwara, as the squires of the King.

The Meaning behind UB's Arms

The whole arms signifies the various colors and natures of UB, which include:

  • The color gold signifies the pioneering spirit as what Raden Wijaya performed in the past.
  • The basic color red stands for eternity.
  • Crown Mahkota Candra Kepala: Bravery in demolishing any uncommon and less correct things.
  • The bludgeon symbolizes Law enforcer.
  • Cakra typifies bravery to neaten any uncommon and less right things.
  • Canka or siput signifies anything that is conducted with purity accompanied with the task of maintenance and guidance like the original nature of Wisynu.
  • The lantern symbolizes believing and being sure of the existence of the so-called Being.
  • The pentagon is a symbol of UB's holding up Pancasila (the national ideology) as the philosophy and vision of the Indonesian nation.
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