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Institute of Community Service

Brief History

In accord with  Govermental Law No.  30 year 1980, dated February 15, 1996, the Rector of University of Brawijaya issued a Decree No. 08/sk/1996 that changed and increased the status of PPM to Institute of Community Service (LPM).

Vision and Mission
The Institute's Vision is to promote the highest quality standard in various activities of campus community empowerment both inside and outside the campus.
Its Mission is to encourage rural industrialization through efficient science and technology development; empower community by increasing their standard of living from backwardness, alleviate poverty and improve people ability as a subject of development through development process by applying scientific principles.


Operational activities conducted by Centers of development, such as:


  1. Providing services of technology counseling, both by gadget maintenance or technological exchange for community and equipment/engine provision.
  2. Following Communication Forum for Science and Technology Application Program at Regional Level (Iptekda-LIPI).
  3. On March 16, 2005, there was a working contract signing for Iptekda VIII-LIPI program on behalf of: 1. Dr.Ir. Susinggih Wijana, MS.(FTP), 2. Dr.Ir. Wignyanto, MS. (FTP), Ir. Siti Achsanah (FPI).
  4. On June 27-28, 2005, LPM sent 10 of its faculty members who were selected to join “Nation Seminar on the Result of Science and Technology Application to the Community and Program Vucer” that was conducted by DP3M of the Directorate General of Higher Education that consists of three science and technology application and 7 Vucer Program.
  5. On September 22-24, 2005, LPM sent 4 faculty members to join workshops who then passed the 1st stage of Multiyear Vucer Program Selection (2 people) and Industrial Service Business Unit (2 people) to present their proposal before DP3M of Directorate General of Higher Education in Jakarta, in the fiscal year of 2006.
  6. On September 28-29, 2005, LPM sent 5 people to join the 2nd selection stage and interview for the program of Iptekda IX year 2006, on behalf of Ir. Endah Rahayu Lestari, MP. (FTP), Ir. Ernia Nurika, MP. (FTP) ; Ir.Teguh Utomo,MT. (FT) ; Mega Nur Sasongko, ST., MT. (FT) ; Ir. Yahya, MP. (FPI).
  7. The implementation of Iptekda VIII program year 2005, there were 3 titles, namely :  
    • Technology improvement for presto and otak-otak bandeng in Sidoarjo with the use of Autaclave, meat grinder and packing instrument to improve the quality of product and the coverage of marketing, by Ir. Yahya, MP.
    • Diversification of tape cassava refinery products into tape chips in Bondowoso Regency, East Java, by Dr. Ir. Susinggih Wijana, MS. ( FTP )
    • Mechanical Production Equipment & Unit Reparation in ready-to-use (instant) seasoning by Dr. Ir. Wigyanto, MS (FTP)
  8. Preparation of Vucer Program implementation of Science and Technology Application in the year 2006 following the letter from DP3M the Directorate General of Higher Education No. 960/D3/U/2005 dated October 12, 2005:  Science and Technology: 18 titles, Vucer: 30 titles.


  1. The initial proposal for National Level in the fiscal year of 2006, includes: Science and technology application, VUcer, Tourism and Culture Development Program (Unit of Industrial Service Business, Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship, On the Job Training, Course of Entrepreneurship), Multi Year Vucer, Iptekda Program and so on, around 300 proposals.
  2. Executing monitoring and evaluation of community service activities in 2005, both funded by LPM or by cooperation.
  3. Sending 4 faculty members to be evaluators for the activity of DP3M of the Directorate General of Higher Education at National Level.
  4. March 6, 2005, Community Service Board of UB has held Apprenticing Program, that is, short apprentice program for high school students (class 1- 3) to a foreign country (Japan). This activity gives insights and information about further study, businesses in other countries and pioneering link establishment between Indonesia and Japan in relation to potential exploration that can be managed together. With instructor/presented Ir. Arifin Noor Sugiharto, MSc., PhD. (Alumni of Kyushu University Japan), followed by 25 participants from high school from all over Malang.
  5. June 1, 2005, the Community Service Board UB made a cooperation with National Defense Board of the Republic of Indonesia to hold “Symposium of Public Economics Empowerment in order to Improve National Defense”.
  6. July 23, 2005, attended the opening of Consultant and Horticultural Product Stock Exchange in Batu that was opened by the mayor of Batu.
  7. October 3, 2005, sending the Revision of Industrial Service Unit & Multi Year Vucer Program on behalf on Prof. Dr.Ir. Tatik Wardiyati, MS. and Ir. M. Yunus, MS. (UJI), Ir. Yahya, MP and Ir. Bambang Susilo, M.Sc.Agr., (VMT) in line with a letter from DP3M the Directorate General of Higher Education
    No.: 732 / D3 / U / 2005 dated October 26, 2005.
  8. On October 5, 2005, UB sent the proposal of Iptekda 2006 to LIPI Jakarta after following a 2nd stage selection and proposal interview for the Science and Technology Application and Utilization Program at Regional Level (Iptekda LIPi) in Surabaya.
  9. On October 6 2005, UB sent a proporal for Higher Education Institutional Capacity Improvement in 2006 Technological Transfer to The Directorate of Higher Education.
  10. On October 10, 2005, UB sent a request to faculties for the publication of Community Service Result in the form of Desimination Book.  The result of Community Service in Science and Technology, Vucer, VMT, Idamantek, Siptekman, Iptekda, UJI program.
  11. Sending Dr.Ir. Arifin Noor Sugiharto, MSc. to be a member of Monev Team under the Directorate General of Higher Education for the monitoring of Vucer Program or Science and technology Application and Entrepreneurial Culture Development in University of Jember and The Polytechnics and Private University in Jember on October 18-23, 2005.
  12. Monitoring and evaluation implementation and Site Visit of DP3M Team of the Directorate General of Higher Education to the University of Brawijaya on November 14-22, 2005, Vucer program, Science and Technology Application, UJI year 2005 and 2006.
  13. November 17-19, 2005 in Sahid Hotel Jl. Sumatera No. 1 Surabaya, UB attended Coordination Meeting for Program Evaluation year 2005 and Research Program Planning, Community Service, Student Creativity Program and Information System for the fiscal year 2006 that was conducted by DP3M.
  14. Publishing Jurnal Mitra Akademika and Campus bulletin periodically.


  1. Monitoring and counseling Mitra Binaan PT Danareksa (Ltd) for the first quarter up to the fourth quarter, that is, March, June, September, December, 2005 for East Java region.
  2. Sending 1 faculty member to be a resource person about “Management Training and Local Wage Standard (UMR) for Small-scale and Medium-scale industry in the Municipality and the Regency of Malang.”
  3. On March 4-10, 2005, the Community Service Board of University of Brawijaya made a cooperation with Bank Indonesia, Malang, to hold “Advanced Training for Future Financial Consultant of Mitra Bank (KKMB) all over the Working Region of Bank Indonesia Malang.
  4. On April 18-20, 2005, the Community Service Board of UB made a cooperation with PT. Telkom Malang hold an activity called “Entrepreneurship Training for Small-scale businessmen under the counseling of PT. Telkom followed by 30 participants from Malang, Batu, Blitar and Pasuruan.
  5. Management and Administration Training followed by MOU signing between the Community Service Board UB with PT. Danareksa and followed by the channeling of capital loan for Small-scale Businessman and Cooperative all over East Java, on October 10-11, 2005.
  6. Providing business counseling to Mitra Binaan Pengusaha Kecil dan Koperasi.
  7. The number of Small- and Medium-Scale business and Cooperative counseled has reached 255 people, with the number of fund aid channeled to small businessmen and cooperative up to Rp.,- (Three billion and eighty five million rupiah).
  8. Grameen Bank Rural Financial Development Program has given advisory to 2,945 people in Tulungagung and Trenggalek Regencies with the total realization fund mounting to Rp. 3,239,460,000 (Three billion two hundred and thirty nine million four hundred sixty thousand rupiah). In this activity, the fund was revolved.

Contact Address

Public Service Institution (LPM)
Office: Gedung Lembaga Lantai II
Jl.Veteran Malang 65145
Phone: 0341 584394, 551611, Pes. 304, 305,
Fax. (0341) 575825

List of Officers

Name Position Email
Prof.Dr.Ir. H. Syamsulbahri, MS.  Head of LPM  unpublished 
Prof.Dr.Ir. Bambang Suharto, MS.  Secretary of LPM  unpublished 
Dr. Sihabuddin, SH., MH.  Head of Community Empowerement Development Service Center (P4M)  unpublished 
Dr.Ir. Bambang Dwi Argo, DEA.  Head of Technology Development Service Center (P3T)  unpublished 
Ir. Arifin Noor Sugiharto, M.Sc., Ph. D.  Head of Natural Resources Development Service Center (P3SDA)  unpublished 
Dra. Susiati   Administration Section Head  unpublished 
Endang Rini Moedjiwati  General and Equipment Subsection Head  unpublished 
Sri Rahayu  Program and Planning Subsection Head  unpublished 
Safuan, SH.  Data and Information Subsection Head   unpublished 
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