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About UB

Board of Education Review and Development (LP3)

LP3 was founded on March 12, 1998, following a Rector's Decree No. 20/SK/98. It has four centers, namely:

  1. Center for Instructional Activity Development and Improvement (P3AI)
  2. Center for Education Relevance Development (P2RP)
  3. Center for Professional and Academic Development (P3AP)
  4. Center for Education Management Development (P2MP)

Vision and Missions
LP3's vision is to be a center for education review and development in order to realize a new paradigm of university abbreviated as RAISE (relevance, academic atmosphere, internal management, sustainability dan equity) for supporting UB to be an outstanding university in the world of education that produces high-quality human resources.

Meanwhile, its mission is to support the acceleration of development in education in UB through various scientific discussions or activities which are intended to produce strategic concepts that can be used in composing campus' policies, especially that related to human resources, education relevance, implementation/organization of professional and/or academic education, and teacherss management.


Contact Address

Education Development and Review Board (LP3)
Office: Gedung Lembaga Lantai III
Jl.Veteran Malang 65145
Phone: 0341 551611, 0341 575777 Pes. 306,
langsung: 0341 575826

List of Officers

Name Position Email
Prof.Dr.Ir. Hendrawan Soetanto, M.Rur.Sc.  Head of LP3  unpublished 
Dr. Ir. Marsoedi  Secretary of LP3   unpublished 
Prof.Dr.Drh. Pratiwi Trisunuwati, MS.  Head of Instructional Activity Improvement and Development Center (P3AI)  unpublished 
dr. Andi Ansharullah, DAAK  Head of Education Relevance Development Center (P2RP)  unpublished 
Ir. Sunarto Ismunandar, MS.  Head of Professional and Academic Education Development Center (P3AP)  unpublished 
Prof.Dr. Moeljadi . SE, SU.  Head of Education Management Development Center (P2MP)  unpublished 
Etty Retno Titisari, SH.  Administration Section Head  unpublished 
Dra. Ida Kirana  General and Equipment Subsection Head  unpublished 

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