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Research Center

Brief History
Research activities started in 1969 under the coordination of Bureau of Research and Community Service which is in accord with the community’s demand and the progress of Science and Technology, in 1970 the bureau was divided into Research Board and the Community Service Board. At the beginning, research activities were focused on agricultural sectors in cooperation with Ford Foundation (United States) and International Development Research Center.

Vision and Mission
The vision of Research Board is to become an institution that provide information about researches, research implementations, and the center of science and technology development. Meanwhile, its mission is to carry out coordination, monitoring and evaluations during and after the implementation of researches in University of Brawijaya.


  1. Penelitian Dana DPP/SPP Unibraw
  2. Penelitian Fundamental
  3. Program UBER-HaKI
  4. Competitive Grant Research (PHB)
  5. Graduate Team Competitive Research (PHTP) dan Intercollegiate Collaboration Research (Pekerti Grant):
  6. Leading Research of University-Industry Collaboration (RAPID)
  7. Incentive Program from the State Ministry of Research and Technology (KMNRT)
  8. Integrated Leading Research (RUT)
  9. Indonesia Toray Science Foundation (ITSF) ]
  10. Bogasari Women Nugraha Research
  11. L' OREAL UNESCO For in Science
  12. Collaboration Research with Governmental Institutions

Program of Intellectual Property Right Central Office and Patent Obtaining:
Intellectual Property Right Central Office (established in 2000) which, for the moment, is under the coordination of Research Center, UB, and gives services in: (1) Patent Technology; (2) Trademark and Trade Secret; (3) Rights and Industrial Design; (4) Integrated Circuit Layout Design; (5) Study on the Potential of Regional HaKI; (6) Counseling, Socialization, and Intellectual Property Rights Trainings; (7) Intellectual Property Rights Registration and Protection; (8) Intellectual Property Right Cases Advocacy; (9) Plantation Variety Protection and Geographical Indication; (10) other Intellectual Property Rights Cooperation.

List of Right Application from UB

Scientific Publication:
Research results published in the Journal of Social Sciences (Social Sciences: February and August), Journal of Engineering Science (April and October), and Journal of Life Sciences (June and December) published half-yearly by UB's Research Center. Up to 2006 issues, the three journals that had been accredited at national level by the Directorate General of Higher Education had published its 18th volume, but the 2007 issues have been proposed for accreditation.

Contact Address

Research Center(Lemlit)
Office: Gedung Lembaga Lantai I
Jalan Veteran Malang 65145
Phone: 0341 551611 Pes. 301, 302, 303
langsung: 0341 575823, 0341 575824, 0341 575827, 0341 575829,
0341 575830, 0341 575831 dan 0341 575832
Fax. : 0341 575828

List of Officers

Name Position Email
Prof.Dr.Ir. H. Syamsulbahri, MS.  Head of Research Center  unpublished 
Prof.Dr.Ir. Bambang Suharto, MS.  Secretary of Research Center  unpublished 
Prof.Dr.Ir. Siti Chuzaemi, MS.   Head of Living Environment Research Center (PPLH)   unpublished 
Prof.Drs. Ismani, MA.  Head of Social Science Research Center (PPIS)  unpublished 
Prof.Dr.Ir. Hj. Keppi Sukesi, MS.  Head of Citizenship and Gender Research Center (PPG&K)  unpublished 
Prof.Dr.Ir. Chandrawati Cahyani, MS.  Head of Bioconvention Research Center (PPB)  unpublished 
Dra. Rugjatmiasih  Administration Section Head  unpublished 
Dra. Hj. Budi Prihatminingtyas, M.AB.  General Subsection Head  unpublished 
Dra. Hj. Susantinah Rahayu  Program Subsection Head  unpublished 
Pudjiono, SH.  Data and Information Subsection Head   unpublished 

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