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Administrative Bureau of General and Financial Affairs (BAUK)

Brief Profile
The Administrative Bureau of General and Financial Affairs (BAUK) is an administrative executor in UB that carries out technical administration for academic and student affairs right under the rector.
In general, the Administrative Bureau of General and Financial Affairs (BAUK) is in charge of providing administrative services in general and financial affairs in UB.

Contact Address

Administrative Bureau of General and Financial Affairs (BAUK)
Office: Gedung Rektorat Lantai I, IV dan Lantai V
Jalan Veteran Malang 65145
Phone: 0341 551611, 0341 575777 Ext. 105, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115,116

List of Officers

Name Position Email
Goerid Hardjito, SE., MM.   Head of BAUK  unpublished 
Ir. Suhardiyono  General, Law, Implementation and Equipment Section Head   unpublished 
Drs. Hadi Mulyono, M.AP.   Administration Subsection Head  unpublished 
Mintarti, S.H.   Law and Implementation Sub Section Head  unpublished 
Drs. Soeharyo  Equipment Subsection Head  unpublished 
Richard Purworo  Household Subsection Head  unpublished 
Imam Safi’i, SE., MM.  Financial Section Head  unpublished 
Dra. Isnaini  Development and Routine Budget Subsection Head  unpublished 
Drs. Lukisan Edy Kuncoro  Community Fund Subsection Head  unpublished 
Ir. Lies Edhie Yuliani  Budget Monitoring and Evaluation Subsection Head  unpublished 
Dra. Sukowinarti  Officer's Affairs Subsection Head  unpublished 
Rustiningrum, S.Sos.  Academic Staff Subsection Head  unpublished 
Ninik Chairani, SH.  Administrative Staff Subsection Head  unpublished 
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