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  Rector’s Welcome Message :

Rector of Brawijaya University

On June 16, 2006, Prof. Dr. Ir. Yogi Sugito was inaugurated as the sixteenth Rector of University of Brawijaya .

As the Rector of University of Brawijaya, I am very pleased to welcome you to our home on the Internet. Whether you are seeking specific information or simply want to learn more about this world-renowned university, you will find our website to be an exciting gateway to all things about UB.

University of Brawijaya has been participating in the enhancement of human resource and technology development along side with other educational and research institutions within the country and overseas.

We offer a wide variety of undergraduate (sarjana) and postgraduate courses in the fields of Natural Resource Management, Engineering, Economics, Medical and Social Sciences. A broad range of vocational training is also catered to facilitate the need of outcome in the society and industries.

We do hope that the information would give enough introductory information as a gesture of welcome invitation.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Yogi Sugito

The Rector's Profile...

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